lunedì 26 aprile 2010

26/04/10 UPDATE

Yi Soon Shin issue #2 is behind us and i'm very proud of it
It was a sold out at the C2E2, follow this link for a special thanks by his creator/writer Onrie Kompan.

Dead Corpses is the present, i'm going forward with this project, now i'm at page 60 of 72, i hope to finish it before the summer.
A little preview of the last page that i have done:

About DC you have to know that now it has a personal Facebook fan page, you can find it here:

There you'll find news, update (more than here) art and also contest to win free copies of the book.

About Moonstone Books don't forget to buy Captain Action Special #1, with my Khem's story inside it wrote by Joe Gentile.

I'm just now finishing the second story of The Flying Dutchman inside Airfighters issue #2 soon on the shelves.

sabato 10 aprile 2010


From Onrie Kompan's blog:

"Hey Folks,
Well, here we are at last!
The Chicago Comics Entertainment Expo (C2E2) is right around the corner and a special featured item at the event, (HOT OFF THE PRESS), is YI SOON SHIN: WARRIOR AND DEFENDER #2!
I will have a very limited supply of copies on hand but rest assured that more are coming! For those of you that live outside of Chicago, if you pre-ordered your copy on it will ship out on time!
If you happen to make it to the convention this weekend, here are the numbers of the retail booths where you'll be able to pick up your copy;
In light of this historic event, we've got a special deal going on this weekend only!
Buy both Issues #1 and #2 together and you'll get a dollar off the cover price of both books! That means 2 COMICS for just $4! Its a steal!
On Saturday, April 17th, I will be signing books at the following areas;
I'll pretty much be hanging out by the retail booths throughout the entire convention so feel free to stop me whenever you see me and say hello! And if you have books on you, I'll be more than happy to sign them!
I look forward to meeting and greeting all of you!
Until then, be well my friends!
Best Regards,
Onrie Kompan"

sabato 3 aprile 2010


From Onrie Kompan's Blog:

"I am pleased to announce that YI SOON SHIN: WARRIOR AND DEFENDER #2 will be released in just 16 days.

This next epic chapter features exquisite artwork from GIOVANNI TIMPANO along with vibrant colors from ADRIANA DE LOS SANTOS!

And not to mention a brand new story written by yours truly and my partner in crime, series co-writer/editor DAVID ANTHONY KRAFT!

Fans of Issue #1 will not be disappointed! This next issue is sure to leave you wanting more!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at what’s in store for Admiral Yi;

Meet Baron Seo. The man who claims he will kill Yi Soon Shin. Will he succeed?
Find out what happens in just a few short weeks at the Chicago Comics Entertainment Expo (C2E2) on 4/16/10.

You can also pre-order Issue #2 by clicking on the following link;
More details for C2E2 are on the way so stay tuned!"